Managed Services: Remote Monitoring & System Management

Electrosonic can provide an extra level of support via its Managed Services portfolio. Managed Services make the latest audio-visual technology accessible by ensuring the ease of use and reliability of the entire system without the need for large capital expenditure or in-house technical expertise.

To ensure the highest quality visitor experience, audio-visual technology and its associated systems and applications have to be available, resilient and reliable at all times.

Electrosonic’s remote monitoring solution addresses the whole installation environment and helps you avoid service issues and interruptions by ensuring your audio-visual solutions are operating to the highest quality standards.

Electrosonic’s Network Operations Center

Electrosonic’s Network Operations Center's (NOC) monitoring systems provide our trained support specialists with up to the minute status on our clients’ AV and IT infrastructure, allowing rapid fault diagnosis, and in many cases remote repair, giving our customers peace of mind and minimum down time, and our field engineers the information they need for proactive system maintenance.

Electrosonic’s Network Operations Center operates 24 hours a day, every day of the year. A range of diagnostic tools allows our support specialists to retrieve both alerts and important configuration data from VC systems, AV devices, IT assets and FM systems, enabling fast troubleshooting and fault resolution.

Asset Information
Electrosonic’s monitoring platform provides an asset database that is automatically populated upon discovery and provides the capability to track assets, generate asset inventory reports, and validate the software release level.

Fault Management
Electrosonic’s support specialists monitor all aspects of the  installation environment to ensure that the systems are fully operational and ready to use. Our monitoring platform generates an event when it detects a problem.

Content Playback Scheduling
Depending on your playback and display technology, we can remotely update, monitor, and control equipment spread across your network.

Proactive Monitoring of Audio-Visual Environments
Our monitoring platform detects audio-visual, information technology, and facility management assets on a client’s network, and applies the recommended monitoring policies for optimal availability and performance.